Yesss! How Axel and Boris Aren’t Your Average German Tech Investors

According to Axel and Boris’ LinkedIn account (they share one), they are based in Berlin, Copenhagen, Liechtenstein, Stockholm and Monterrey. Neither are they merely entrepreneurs, but ‘visionaries’, keen to inject their particular brand of hyper-positivism into the tech industry. They even have an Instagram alter-ego, ‘The Yesssmen’, ‘Green Super Heroes for the fight against climate change.’

Even away from social media it’s difficult to separate Axel and Boris. They finish each others’ sentences, espouse the same business principles, and even dress similarly. In many ways they embody a new generation of German investors–a generation untethered from the big industry, banking and corporate sectors that, until lately, have dominated the nation’s economy.

That’s important, they told Red Herring, over coffee at Berlin’s Michelberger Hotel, a glossy, hip paean to the global style capital Berlin has become. No longer is the city “poor but sexy”, as its former mayor once declared (it’s still cheap compared to London or Paris, though, but where isn’t?). Neither one of the founders of Yesss Capital have designs on the moniker, either.